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Scarred Beauty's answer to "what is a keloid"?

So, I've done A LOT of research and I am here to set the story straight!

Dictionary.com says:






An area of irregular fibrous tissue formed at the site of a scar or injury.




Wow.... im overwhelmed with that description....! Wikipedia gets more in depth saying... 

"A keloid (pron.: /'ki?l??d/; also keloidal scar)[1] is a type of scar which, depending on its maturity, is composed mainly of either type III (early) or type I (late) collagen. It is a result of an overgrowth of granulation tissue (collagen type 3) at the site of a healed skin injury which is then slowly replaced by collagen type 1. Keloids are firm, rubbery lesions or shiny, fibrous nodules, and can vary from pink to flesh-coloured or red to dark brown in colour. A keloid scar is benign and not contagious, but sometimes accompanied by severe itchiness, pain,[2] and changes in texture. In severe cases, it can affect movement of skin.
Keloids should not be confused with hypertrophic scars, which are raised scars that do not grow beyond the boundaries of the original wound"

I like that answer. I especially appreciate that wikipedia notes the pain associated with a keloid. A lot of people tend to think that it is just a cosmetic thing- boy are those people wrong! 

They go much more into detail and you can find the link here if you are interested- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keloid

I think the most important thing that anyone with a keloid knows- and the most unfortunate thing- is that there is NO easy fix. No aspirin regimne, sea salt bath, or amount of tea tree oil is going to stop a keloid. It may reduce pain or itching, but nothing besides a doctor will be able to fix it. 

I guess it is just one of those unfortunate facts of life. We are all given things and have things happen to us that seem "unfair." We can either choose to let it conquer us, or rise above. I choose to rise above and I think you should too. 

No matter what your keloid looks like, it does not define you. You are not your keloid. You have the choice to be whatever you put your mind to. When you're old and looking back on your life, don't regret the risks that you didn't take. 

If you are on the bridge about treatment, if you are nervous or scared or think it will be painful, PLEASE put every fear aside and just JUMP IN! 

Yes, some things will hurt, and no it is not an over night improvement, but if there is one thing that I regret, it is not doing this sooner. SO DO IT!