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Frequently Asked Questions

Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor. I am only a person who suffers from Keloids. The opinions expressed below are my own and should not be taken as medical advice. All medical questions should be directed toward a doctor.


1. What treatment are you using?

-I am currently receiving steroid injections in conjunction with laser treatments. Dosages as well as specifics on treatments are confidential. My Doctor has spent a great amount of time researching, doing trials and figuring out what methods work best. You are more than welcome to schedule a consultation at www.surgery90210.com. 

2. When did your keloid start forming and where is it?

-My first surgery was when I was 3 days old. Since then, my keloid has always grown. My keloid is a result of Open Heart Surgery and it is on my chest.


3. What are the different treatments that you have tried to date?

-I have had 5 plastic surgeries to remove the keloid, steroids, silicone, compression garments, Mederma, Tea tree oil, emu oil, vitamin E oil, Black paste, scarprin and A LOT of prayer.

4. Do you know a doctor in my area that you recommend?

-The answer to this is tricky. The only doctor that worked for me (out of the over 12 I have seen) was Dr Karamanoukian. This is because he has spent so much time working on keloids. The key to the answer of this one is DO YOUR RESEARCH. How did I find my Dr? I googled "keloid specialist (my area)" Try doing this. The key is to find someone who has worked with keloids. Not all doctors are honest and some may take you on with good intentions but not know what they're doing. So do your research. Part of wanting help is finding it and this journey isn't easy. Find a doctor you feel absolutely comfortable with, check their reviews on-line, make a consultation and know that you don't have to go to the first person that you see. 


5.How long have you been undergoing treatment?

- I started treatment December of 2012.


6. How do I get rid of my keloid?

- This is a particularly sensitive subject for me. The honest truth- You will never "get rid" of it. That scar is a symbol that you overcame whatever was trying to bring you down. Treatment is about getting your scar to a place where you are comfortable with it, It doesn't hurt anymore and you are confident regardless of it. If you are embarking on this journey only to come out with a flawless result, you are setting yourself up for failure.