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Last Treatment to Today!

Last Treatment to Today!When I found a Doctor I felt could help me toward the end of 2012, I was scared. This was not my first time trying to get rid of my keloid and every single time I tried before, it came back. BIGGER.

Was this going to be like all of the times before? Would I only get temporary relief? Would I have to do this the rest of my life? Will it even work at all?

I felt like I was taking huge risks and it made me very nervous. I told myself I would try, JUST ONE MORE TIME and if this didn’t work, I would just live with the pain, poor body image and sadness…

As treatments got going and I started seeing actual results, I became so encouraged! My keloid was getting flatter, the color was less inflamed and I was slowly becoming more confident! But would it last?
Today is November 27th, 2019. My last treatment was June of 2015. Below are some photos comparing where I started, June of 2015 and TODAY!
I think we can all agree that this time, IT STUCK! Over 4 years later, I am here rocking my scar everywhere I go!