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Dealing With the Pain of Steroid Injections

Dealing With the Pain of Steroid InjectionsOne of the most common complaints I hear about the keloid treatment with steroid injections is that they are too painful. Often times, people will try one treatment and then never do it again because of the overwhelming pain felt during the procedure. First, let me say that I really don't blame you. Not many people enjoy getting shots especially into such a sensitive area. As a reference, the video below is my first set of injections...


As you can tell, my first try was not the best. It WAS painful and I was so scared during the entire procedure. I left the Doctor's office never wanting to go back. I scheduled my next appointment for the following month as my treatment plan was once monthly. By the time the day of my next appointment came, I was numb with fear. I somehow got myself into the car for the 2 hour journey to Los Angeles where my doctor was. On the way, we stopped for Starbucks. I ordered my favorite drink but could only handle a sip. Just the THOUGHT if the injections made me nauseous. We had to have the windows down the whole ride just so I could have some fresh air. We finally pulled up to the office and my eyes filled with tears. I thought to myself, WHY am I putting myself through this? 

I got upstairs, and was greeted by the friendly receptionist as I held back tears. When the Doctor called me in, I started to cry. He looked at me and asked why I was crying. I shared with him the deep rooted fear that I was feeling in anticipation of the injections. He looked at me and said "It's not going to hurt. It's way less painful the second time. Just tell yourself it won't hurt." 


Was it really that easy? Just TELL myself it won't hurt? He once again walked me through the procedure as he filled up the shots for injection. I kept repeating in my head, "It won't hurt, it won't hurt, it won't hurt." And as he started and I repeated my mantra... IT DIDN'T HURT! Well, okay, it hurt WAY LESS. It felt nothing like the first set of injections. It was actually tolerable. I continued to chant "It won't hurt" in my head until the procedure was over. When we finished, my doctor looked at me and said, "see? I told yo it would be better!" He really was right. It took him telling me that it wouldn't hurt for me to believe it wouldn't hurt and for my brain to acknowledge that it didn't need to hurt. I truly believe that Steroid Injections are a test of mind over matter. Does it truly hurt or does it only hurt because we tell ourselves that shots entering your skin are supposed to hurt? Here is a video after I overcame my fears...

That day, I beat my mind. I overcame the fear and continued a treatment that I had faith would help me. 3 years later, I am here with just a scar. No more keloid. I am here to tell you that it is worth it. We are stronger than we think and we have the power to overcome and obstacle.

Never let pain hold you back from the freedom that comes with it. It gets better. Remind yourself constantly that it gets better. 

This can be applied to many things in life. You are the only one holding yourself back. Life starts OUTSIDE of your comfort zone. In anything you do, give it your all and never give up until  you're satisfied.

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