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So many questions - ANSWERED!

So many questions - ANSWERED!I was recently looking back through my blog and old posts that I had written at the beginning of my journey with my keloid. I came across a post that I'd written in February 2013 titled "So many questions!" It was all about how nervous I was taking on this journey for the (what seemed like) hundredth time. I had never had success before and I was scared that this time would be no different. I thought it might be fun to go back and re-read these questions as well as answer them from my point of view nearly 3 years later. 

Here it goes...

What will it look like?

When I first started my journey, I guess I anticipated my keloid to turn into regular skin and there would be no sign of a scar... WRONG. There is certainly still a noticeable scar on my chest, but now it is flat and almost the same color as my skin! 

Will I be confident enough to show it?

YES!!! Believe it or not, I got to a point about 14 months into my journey where I was comfortable enough to SHOW MY KELOID! I never thought this would ever happen. I told myself... "even if it's flat I still don't think i'll want people to see it." Oh man was I wrong. I gradually got more comfortable until finally I had planned a trip to Washington with my best friend. I knew this would be the perfect time to debut my keloid. I didn't know anyone in Washington and I knew that I would never see any of them again. That was May of 2014 and I haven't covered my keloid since!

Will everyone still accept me if I do show it?

To be honest, I have never felt MORE accepted than when I felt comfortable enough to show my keloid. Now that I show it, I feel like I give my all to people. What you see is what you get with me. In the over 1 year since I have showed my keloid, I have been asked about it twice. I would have expected way more people to say something, but they haven't. I used to look in the mirror and see a growth on my chest that was stealing my happiness and confidence. Now, I see a kick ass part of me that represents strength, growth and confidence in exactly who I am and what I have overcome. 

What type of bras will I wear?! HAHA With a keloid on your chest, you only get the most comfortable bras that are not going to irritate it... No keloid is going to open up an entire new world of undergarments :)

Wow, 2013 Cristi, what a weird question this was! But looking back, it made so much sense! All I'll say on this is I no longer have ANY restrictions to what under garments I can wear. I am MUCH more comfortable nowadays.

Will my personality change?

ABSOLUTELY! I have never been more confident or sure of myself. It has only changed FOR the better. I feel like I have a radiance now that I didn't have back when I had a large keloid. I always had something to hide and that wasn't a good feeling. 

Will my outlook on life change?

FOR SURE! Nowadays I feel far more accepting of other people. I have often said that when I see someone who suffers from any physical disability or deformity, I feel like we're in this special club together. I have a greater respect for what they go through on a daily basis. How it feels to have people stare and look at you differently and It's changed how I view the world and my acceptance of others. 

Will I continue with my fight against keloids?

OF COURSE!!! Often times in groups on facebook or other forums, I am questioned about my sincerity. A lot of people think that my results are not genuine because they cannot find many other positive results on-line such as I have had. THIS is why I feel that I need to stick around. I think people get treatment on their keloids and they feel comfortable and they no longer need the support so they move on with their lives. I may not still have a giant keloid on my chest but I am not leaving anytime soon because I want to show others that suffer from this terrible issue to never give up and know that there is hope for a brighter future!

Woah, I really wrote some pretty powerful questions that are completely relate-able almost 3 years after this journey began. It certainly has not all been easy, but from what I can say it has been 150% worth it! I would go through it all over again if I had to. The happiness that I have found today is more than anything that I could have ever imagined back when I was suffering. I feel like I was locked in a prison of a body and now I have been set free!

Thank you for your constant support. I would never have gotten this far if it weren't for the love that I have received from complete strangers. Every day I strive to be a better me and every day I take more risks to let every keloid sufferer know that there is hope for a bright future!