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Pain, pain, pain...

Pain, pain, pain. The truth of the matter is that keloids are generally painful and cause a lot of discomfort, which is one of the reasons why keloids are so different than other types of scars.  My keloid doctor explains the difference

Last Treatment to Today!

When I found a Doctor I felt could help me toward the end of 2012, I was scared. This was not my first time trying to get rid of my keloid and every single time I tried before, it came back. BIGGER. Was this going to be like all of the times

New, less painful Keloid treatment?

I talk to a lot of people who suffer from keloids and one of the main things I hear is about the fear and pain that they have surrounding steroid injection treatments. Often times, people will find a doctor and have one treatment but never go back

July 2017 Health Update

Hi There!  It has now been 7 full days since I received the results of my liver biopsy. The past seven days have been hard. Some more difficult than others. I want to first, tell you the results of my biopsy and then chronicle my feelings

Dealing With the Pain of Steroid Injections

One of the most common complaints I hear about the keloid treatment with steroid injections is that they are too painful. Often times, people will try one treatment and then never do it again because of the overwhelming pain felt during the

So many questions - ANSWERED!

I was recently looking back through my blog and old posts that I had written at the beginning of my journey with my keloid. I came across a post that I'd written in February 2013 titled "So many questions!" It was all about how nervous

A Scarred Beauty Reviews: Keloid Scar Silicone Gel vs. Sheets

Hey all! Check out my latest YOUTUBE video! My review of Scar gels vs. scar sheets! Finding the right treatment can be tricky but with the right amount of research, you can usually find the best option for you!  Let me know if you have any

How to Help a Dry Keloid

Check out my latest YouTube video on how I help my dry keloid!

Frequently asked questions with Scarred Beauty

I finally completed the video that I was talking about! I go through some frequently asked questions on how I got my keloid, what treatment I have used and a little bit about how I've dealt with it growing up into adulthood. Please watch


So I was trying to make a video last night of my frequently asked questions as well as some questions from people that have e-mailed me and asked on Facebook and Instagram. I saw TRYING because the lighting was terrible and the video ended up being

Plato's Scar Serum Results from supporters and me!

Hi All! I get tons of e-mails every week. Each e-mail I do my best to answer personally and as quickly as possible. At the end of each e-mail I always say, "Keep in touch!" However often times, people do not keep in touch... :( It's

Finding Acceptance and Love with a Keloid

I get e-mails everyday. Each e-mail is from someone around the world asking questions or telling me the story of their keloid. I love getting e-mails. Until I was 26 years old I had never met anyone else with a keloid and each e-mail that I receive

Shirts are in!

I know I've been pretty absent, but I have been soooo busy! Planning a wedding, working, volunteering and more. But I have also been busy with Scarred Beauty stuff too!  For a while I've had a vision for my blog to become more than a

Keloid Connection

Hi Friends, I am becoming involved with a new project! At least once a month, we will be conducting a video chat support group with keloid sufferers around the world! We completed our pilot chat on October 1st and it went fantastic! We can't

A Scarred Beauty's Guide to Finding the Right Doctor for YOU!

I follow a Keloid support group on Facebook. It is a fantastic place for people to find support, talk about different treatments and vent about the daily trials of life with a Keloid. Reading some of these comments and posts, it makes me feel like

1 Month with Plato's scar serum

Good Morning friends and supporters!  First off, I wanted to thank everyone so much for being beside me during this journey. My blog has hit over 20,500 views and I am just shocked! I have spoken to people all over the world about their


I was making this side by side for a supporter last night and was amazed by my progress. I mean, you can't look at this picture and not be amazed!! I am so beyond happy with my progress. I've been showing my scar A LOT lately! I promise to


Good Morning Friends! I know that it has been forever since I have posted, but I have been super busy! I was in a play called "Into the Woods" I played Lucinda the evil step sister. It was very fun and the performance was great! I have

A year in review...

Good Morning Everyone! I apologize in advance for this being one huge paragraph. The computer I am typing it on it odd and won't let me space things... Anywho.... I hope that everyone had a fantastic Holiday, I know I did! I'm actually still

Almost there!

Good Afternoon Friends, Happy Monday! Monday is a hard day for me. In my business Monday is always complete chaos and it seems like everyone needs things from me the second they ask. Needless to say, this Monday is a little easier for me to

I'm back!

Good Evening Friends! I know that I have been gone for quite some time, but I am back and I have so much to catch you up on! A lot has happened lately and my life has changed in so many ways for the better. In April I decided that I was with the

May Progress

Good Afternoon everyone!  I havent posted in a while. I have been a busy bee! Progress on my keloid is slowing down, but I wanted to share a progress photo not only so that you can see the miracles that are happening, but so that I can see

What is a keloid?

Good Morning! Happy day! For a while now, I have been wanting to write a informational blog post regarding keloids. A lot of you do not have a keloid and are reading this blog simply to support me. Some of you have a keloid and come here for

Steroid injections? A BREEZE!

Good Morning and HAPPY MONDAY! I hope that everyone had a fantastic weekend, I know I did!  I had my fourth steroid treatment on Saturday and as promised, I took a video to share with you how much better the injections get. I have a very

My Motivation

I wanted to share some snip its from some e-mails that I have received from various people who have found my blog. All of these e-mails give me so much more motivation to put myself out there even more. It makes me so sad that people all over the

So many questions!

When I got my last treatment on the 16th Dr. Karamanoukian asked me if I was scared of facing life without my keloid. It's a really good question for anyone going through this treatment. I mean, of course I will feel better, more confident and

I can do anything!

Happy Monday friends! I don't know how many of you have seen this video, but this is how I feel right now! I am on cloud 9! I am so happy with my life and my family and friends, I feel on top of the

3rd Treatment-Pinching video

Good Afternoon Friends! Well, I had another appointment yesterday and it went GREAT! The injections don't even hurt anymore, and I decided that my next appointment (March 9th) I am going to take another video just to prove to you all that IT


Hey all! I am not sure if you can see the dramatic changes but let me tell you, I can and its been less than a month! This is theist improvement I have seen in my life so far and I have so much faith that it will just keep getting better! What do

I'm alive!

Good Evening my friends!  I haven't had an update for a while because my injections need to be 3 weeks apart- at least. I haven't noticed any difference yet. It has been peeling a lot but I am not sure whether or not that is supposed

Treatment 1

Good Evening my friends! I hope that everyone is doing well. I had a doctors appointment in LA today and my first treatment for my scar. As you know I was nervous about the pinching. I was not sure if I had pinched correctly or even enough. Boy was

Bring it on!

Well, I have my first treatment on Saturday! I am scared to death because I remember how much the steroid injections hurt before and I am NOT excited to go through that pain again but thankfully I will have my Mom and John there to hold my hands

Listen before you judge

Hello everyone! I hope that your pre-Christmas week is going fantastically and that you have all of your gifts! I am sure the malls are crazy right now. John and I are 100% done with our shopping (woo hoo!) and we could not be more happy to not have

I found the doctor, and IT'S STARTING!

WOAH! What a whirlwind of a weekend! But, I have some FANTASTIC news! :) Yesterday, Saturday, I drove up to LA with my husband and my Mom to see a keloid specialist. I was super nervous because this is a plastic surgeon who works on celebrities


Good Evening!!! I wanted to make a short video to express how grateful I am for all of your support, please watch below. Love you all! :) Please follow me by e-mail on the right hand side of my

My Purpose

So, I found this website called the KRF, Keloid Research Foundation. http://keloidresearchfoundation.org/ It is an awesome foundation that raises money to fund research to find a cure for Keloid scars. They have a "share your story" tab,

Is the risk worth the reward?

I am ecstatic to learn that my blog has been viewed over 800 times and it has been published LESS than a WEEK! I am so overwhelmed! I mean, this is exactly what I wanted, but way more than I expected this early into the game. I have already been

The big reveal!

Good evening friends! Today was quite an epic day for me. I thought that this blog would be a lot more impactful if my friends and other visitors really saw what i've been hiding all of these years. SO... I asked my good friend Olivia to take

Just get over it!

I am really excited about this blog! I have gotten a lot of positive comments and some shares that I am really happy about! I have already had a few people come to me saying that they have keloids as well! Its great to know that I am not the only

A little bit about me

I was born with a congenital heart defect called Pulmonary Atresia. I have had 4 open heart surgeries, 3 pacemakers changes, 2 modified phontans and numerous CATHs.   From my first surgery, at just days old, my parents noticed something